Woolworths: Are low-income consumers the key to significant growth?

In South Africa, the Woolworths brand is synonymous with both quality and expense. It’s a double-edged sword that has seen Woolworths become a mainstay among upper-class shoppers, but has prevented the brand from gaining traction in low-income areas. However, with the right growth strategy, Woolworths can make its mark across a wider spectrum of consumers.

Tesla Motors: High-end differentiation for low-end gain

The birth of the electric vehicle (EV) was anything but sexy. The first mass-produced hybrid car, the Toyota Prius XW10, was ground-breaking in its technology, but certainly didn’t win any awards for its dull design. The same could be said for another early hybrid, the Honda Insight ZE1. On their arrival on the market in … More Tesla Motors: High-end differentiation for low-end gain